121 Crockett Road, Columbia, SC 29212

Rusty Shealy Pole Vault, Summer Club 2016. 

Begins Thursday, June 2nd with our first practice.  Ending on Saturday, August 27th with our RSPV Club Championship.  To view the RSPV summer schedule for available meets, clinics and camps, click here: "Master Schedule

To Compete with RSPV Summer Club:

  • When you pay monthly this summer for "Unlimited PV Clinics" you are automatically in Summer Club as well.
  • We are having "Unlimited PV Clinics" during the summer months to promote more pole vault development. Meaning, you can come to every clinic during the month if you like.
  • You can plan your clinics around your vacation and family schedule, alternating which days/times work best for you to get in as many sessions as you like.

(Note: If you would prefer to not take advantage of "Unlimited PV Clinics (which includes Summer Club fee)" and pay per clinic the cost will be $40 per clinic, and the cost to compete in our home meets will be $20.)

RSPV Summer Club Fee: 

  • The Summer Club fee is included in the monthly Unlimited Pole Vault Clinics fee. The Summer Club fee has been reduced from $125 last year to only $20 per month and is a part of each monthly clinic registration.  This way it should work better with everyones summer schedule, all meet fees are paid separately when you enter each meet.

What if I am already part of my local club? 

  • Not a problem.  Many of our vaulters compete with their local clubs, such as Mt. Pleasant Track Club, Florence Track Club, or Palmetto Track Club.  Other clubs coaches typically like for the vaulters to come to us for training.  When you compete in meets that your local club enters you into, such as the USATF Junior Olympics series of meets, you will be competing for them... and I will be at some of the meets for you as well.  Meets entered through us, you will compete with us.  However if you are competing with your local club, you will obtain your USATF membership number through them and not us.  You do not need to join twice. Let us know if questions.

What is included with RSPV Summer Club?

  • One competition singlet/tank top (Additional T-shirts and/or tank tops will be available for family).

  • Use of poles at no cost for all summer club meets. There is no cost to club athlete if pole broken during summer club. (Poles will also be available for non-club/clinic vaulters to lease for $25 during our home meets. Athlete will be responsible to replace if broken or damaged severely.)

  • Discounted entry fee of $10 for all Shealy Athletics home meets.  (Non-RSPV summer club vaulters will pay a $20 entry fee per meet to compete.)

  • Coaches lodging and travel for tri-state (SC, NC, GA) area meets.

  • Personal trainer John Vellenoweth will be here for Summer Club athletes several times weekly, following clinics, to develop overall conditioning, speed and power. See "Master Schedule" for days and times. If you are non-club athlete paying by the clinic, please consult with John about cost to participate.

Summer Club Athlete's Responsibility:

  • Summer Club athlete will need to obtain membership with USATF to compete in summer meets. 

  • Summer Club athletes only pay for the meets you attend. We will be hosting home meets many Wednesday's at 12:00 noon, and Friday's at 6:00 PM. Dates can be found on the "Master Schedule". (Club athletes $10, non-club athletes $20)

  • If you are interested in competing in the USATF Junior Olympic series of meets. I will have to enter you with our club entries and invoice you, usually about $6-$10 per USATF JO meet. Look at the dates on the "Master Schedule and let me know if you would like to jump in at least the first USATF JO meet. You can let me know about the others if/when you qualify to advance.

  • Athlete's family is responsible for the entry fee into any other summer meets, such as the Winston Salem Street Vault.

  • Athlete's family is responsible for their own travel, lodging and food for meets.

  • If you are going to meets out of the tri-state (SC, NC, GA) area, such as USATF Junior Olympic Nationals in Sacramento, CA, the cost for travel and lodging for Coach Shealy will be divided up by the number of vaulters going. The cost will be shared by the families attending.

What's Next:

  • Join USATF via the link and instructions above.  Go to, select "Product/Services", then select the red block that says "For Individual Members".  Where it says "Club No." put in "55-294" and "Club Name" put in "Rusty Shealy Pole Vault".  However, if renewing membership from last year, it is easiest if we renew for you since your birth certificate is already on file.  Though you must let us now if you would like to be renewed ASAP.  We will invoice you the USATF membership fee of $20.

  • To register for June, July and/or August "Unlimited Pole Vault Clinics", CLICK HERE.