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Welcome to our Shealy Athletics Pole Vault Clinics page!  We take vaulters, beginner to advanced, through the learning progressions taught by the best coaches worldwide.  These weekly two-hour clinics, offered year-round, come highly recommended, especially for new vaulters to get them off to the best start possible.  More experienced vaulters will be amazed by the difference slight adjustments can make to their overall performance.  Come see why they call us, "The Unfair Advantage!"
ACADEMIC YEAR 2023/2024.  Effective September 1st, everyone must have the new Athlete Release and Waiver on file to participate during the 2023/2024 academic year. For copy click here: Athlete Release and Waiver

2024 Summer Weekly Pole Vault Clinics.  ​​


Week of Sunday June 2th and Thursday June 6th  Click Here

Week of Sunday June 9th and Thursday June 13th  Click Here

Week of Sunday June 16th and Thursday June 20nd  Click Here

Week of Sunday June 23rd and Thursday June 27th  Click Here


Week of Sunday July 2nd and Thursday July 6th Click Here

Week of Sunday July 9th and Thursday July 13th Click Here

Week of Sunday July 16th and Thursday July 20th  Click Here

Week of Sunday July 23rd and Thursday July 27th  Click Here


Week of Thursday August 3rd  Click Here

Week of Sunday August 6th and Thursday August 10th  Click Here

Week of Sunday August 13th and Thursday August 17th  Click Here

Week of Sunday August 20th and Thursday August 24th  Click Here

Week of Sunday August 27th  Click Here

Fall Monthly Pole Vault Clinics.
Please note: In September we go back to monthly registrations to reserve your day/time(s) weekly.  For single sessions contact me no sooner than the day before to see if space is/comes available, since monthly registrants have first dibs with their weekly spot reserved by the month. Please contact Rusty Shealy if questions, 803-315-5998.  Thank you!

September Pole Vault Clinics  Click Here     Don't forget we need a new Athlete Release and Waiver for academic year. Link above.
October Pole Vault Clinics  Click Here       
November Pole Vault Clinics  Click Here
December Pole Vault Clinics  Click Here
January Pole Vault Clinics  Click Here       
February Pole Vault Clinics  Click Here
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April Pole Vault Clinics  Click Here
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